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Training to swim the English Channel is a time consuming and arduous task.


It involves numerous hours of plowing up have down the pool during the winter and then immersing yourself in the sea in temperatures as low as 6 degrees.


This has to be done so that when you swim the Channel in the summer the temperature at 15-16 degrees feels positively balmy!


This year I have swum regularly in the sea in the Poole and Bournemouth area throughout the winter With water temperatures as low as 6 degrees and air temperatures not much above freezing one really questions one sanity and ask the question 'Why!'


This year I went to Ibiza for a two week holiday/training camp. The water temperature was about 15 degrees, ideal for building up some hours in the sea.


Unfortunately Ibiza experienced an invasion of jelly fish preventing me from swimming as much as I would have liked.


I did achieve more swimming than I would have if I had stayed in England though and the water is crystal clear!


As a result of the winter swimming and trip to Ibiza I feel that I have acclimatized very well and improved my fitness and subsequently completed my 6 hour qualifying swim before the end of May. (a witnessed 6 hours training swim in less than 16 degrees is a mandatory requirement prior to commencing your actual crossing)


My regular training routine include swimming with Poole Swimming Club Masters, East Dorset Open Water Swimming Club and 'solo' training swims with my long time coach Tom Watch in Weymouth.


I also swim with informal Facebook groups called Beyond the Blue and Just Swim.






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